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Mobile Home Tie Downs & Anchors 
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For those who live in areas threatened by powerful hurricanes or even tornadoes, installing straps is necessary, especially for mobile homes. Mobile home tie downs is an anchoring system that is made of metal rods driven into the ground around the home at specified distances to keep your home tightly secured in place. By doing so, it can help prevent your roof from lifting off when there are extremely high-speed winds blowing.
Why Is A Hurricane Strap So Important?
Winds at extremely high speed can easily blow your outdoor condensing unit off its base, causing damage to the unit and your property. Mobile homes are also vulnerable to uplifting winds if they don’t skirt around the perimeter of the home, and can be damaged during our violent thunderstorms and hurricanes in Florida. You should contact us for our mobile home tie-down service. We can install hurricane ground anchors as well as hurricane straps for mobile homes to keep your home secured and stable during wind events and storms.

Hurricane ground anchors and hurricane straps for mobile homes are usually installed externally to provide a sufficiently secure connection and a great resistance to severe weather that can cause catastrophic damage to your property. The way the hurricane strap installation is made to function is, it creates a structural load connection that transfers forces made from the top of the home to its foundation. When a strong upwind occurs, the strap will transfer the force from the framing of the roof through the walls to the foundation, making your house more resistant to upwind forces.

Mobile Home tie Down strapping will stabilize and protect your mobile home during high winds and storms. They also stabilize your mobile home after it has been anchored down to help keep your mobile home level.

Where Should A Mobile Home Anchor Be Installed?

It is best to install mobile home anchors on the outside of walls, both for sturdiness and convenience. While it’s also possible to install mobile home straps and anchors to both the inside and the outside wall, there are a few reasons why it is better to install the mobile home tie downs straps on the exterior of the wall. The external installation allows you to get a secure connection via the rafter tail, and an external installation also allows you to use the wall’s sheathing for additional support.

Moreover, if you have the ties installed internally, the high winds could potentially cause the wall to roll towards the external side of the wall, like a “top plate roll.” Installing the ties externally can provide additional support that prevents top plate roll or any kind of disaster from happening.

Why Choose our Mobile Home Tie Down Contractors?

We are in the business of making sure that you feel safe in your mobile home. We have top of the line mobile home tie down anchors that are made to protect you by securing your mobile home. If you are a mobile homeowner living in Largo Florida, call the best in the business: Guardian Vapor Barriers for mobile home tie down contractors to help secure your home. We are proud to provide quality and trustworthy products that can protect against the severe weather and wind storms. You're safety and the safety of your mobile home matters to us. We install it right, the first time!

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